Read This BEFORE You Remove Outdoor Kittens


‼️ It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you LEAVE KITTENS (and newborn/infant wildlife) ALONE TO PREVENT INADVERTENTLY KILLING THEM OUT OF MISINFORMED INTENTIONS‼️ Moms DO LEAVE to get a break, eat, etc. And if you are hovering over the kittens (or wildlife) you will likely spook mom and then decide that she’s not coming back when, in reality, you are preventing her from returning. NEVER give kittens human formula or any product containing cow’s milk, this includes “half and half”! Please read these guidelines, share them and LEAVE the kittens ALONE. Do NOT interfere with kittens unless there is an emergency, this infographic will help you decide if there is an emergency.


The following points are highlights from the link below which includes more detailed information about finding kittens:


  • Wait. Watch from a minimum of 35 feet or more to see if mom is coming back or if kittens are truly orphaned. Use a camera zoom or binoculars if possible so you don’t get too close. You may need to go completely away before mom will return, which could be several hours, or even up to 6 to 12 hours. She can smell and hear you.
  • Don’t check on the kittens too often, this can spook mom and keep her away. Healthy kittens can survive this period without her.
  • Are kittens in immediate danger? Are there reactive dogs in the yard? Are the kittens located near heavy vehicular traffic? Remove kittens ONLY if they are in immediate, grave danger.
  • If mom returns, leave kittens with her until they are able to eat on their own.
  • Consider providing food and water for mom while she raises the kittens. Keep food and water at a distance and away from kittens so you do not attract potential predators.
  • Kittens start eating wet food when they are about a month old.
  • If mom does not return, after following the above advice, and kittens are not old enough to eat on their own, someone will need to care for the kittens.
  • Note that if there’s a single kitten or two, the mother might be relocating them and has left some behind temporarily because she can only carry one in her mouth at a time.

For even more information AFTER you have visited the above link :