No TNR (even at night) until DAYS of EXCESSIVE HEAT are OVER this month.

Severe heat with warnings and advisories about heat dangers from NOAA are continuing, this is the hottest month of our summer….
EVEN though most people understand that TNR should only be done 7pm-7am in the summers here, we have had too many conversations with people that simply do not understand the effects of conducting TNR when a cat has been dealing with the physiological effects of living outside during very high temperatures. Even though it cools off some at night, the cat will still be recovering from having an organ removed for days afterwards. Would you want to have a full hysterectomy and spend the next week outside in 107+ degree heat trying to recover? So please, just be patient, the temps will drop soon enough and TNR will be safe again. Yes, there will be kittens born. This is a fact everyone has had to accept this year due to resource limitation with COVID. Please don’t endanger cats by subjecting them to surgeries and then making them heal the next several weeks in 110 degree temperatures. We PROMISE we will loan traps and help with TNR as soon as the temps drop to 105 or below.