Helping People CoExist with Community Cats (Resolving Neighborhood Complaints)

One of the biggest complaints we hear, besides people just not wanting the cats to exist, is cats pooping in their yards and gardens. If you are caring for a colony or even “owned” socialized cats that you don’t keep indoors, it is a good idea to manage your cat’s outdoor pooping activity. Cat poop can make neighbors hostile to not only you but the cats especiallu and people with bad intentions can end up harming cats because of it. If a neighbor complains specifically about cat poop, please use the list of deterrents here to see if they are willing to use them or perhaps, if you are able, offer to get some of these for them. You can and should, also set up outdoor litter boxes that you clean regularly to encourage the cats to use those instead of neighbors’ yards.  You can use regular litter boxes, you can use a kids pool too that you poke holes into so the urine drains and then you just scoop the poop.  You can fill with construction sand, which is cheap, you could use sand in other structures in strategic outdoor areas for the cats to use as litter as well. Be sure that the litter area is in a quiet, sheltered space (rain and wind can be an issue so think about this); scoop regularly to alleviate odors and keep flies away; and be prepared to scoop more often in hot weather.

The following is a list of outdoor litter box ideas:

Resolutions to other problems such as how to talk to your neighbors can be found at the following links:

Can’t You Just Take Them Somewhere Else?: