About Us


We are a small group of volunteers, NOT affiliated with any organization or group.  We are unfunded, in other words, we get zero money unless we are doing a fundraiser for a specific animal’s medical needs.  We are, quite simply, a few individuals that volunteer to help cats in this community.

This site is a resource for information about how to help community cats in the Pima County / Tucson area.

Feral or fearful cats should NEVER be turned in to community shelters or animal control as the will be put at risk for stress, illness and possibly being destroyed. The safest, most humane and EFFECTIVE option for controlling outdoor cat populations is Trap-Neuter-Return also called TNR. We provide information about all aspects of TNR including other outdoor cat issues. TNR stops the breeding cycle of community cats and makes it easy to recognize which cats have been spayed or neutered. TNR reduces fighting and spraying as we as other hormonal behaviors that are a “nuisance”.

Please use this website for advice and knowledge about providing inexpensive shelter, feeding, neighbor relations, basic medical care and free/low-cost spay/neuter so that you can manage the free-roaming cats in your area.

We are unable to sponsor veterinary care or accept animals from the public but will be happy to answer questions and point you to resources available in the community.

We link heavily to Alley Cat Allies, the organization that inspired our lead volunteer  to start with Trap Neuter Return back in the 1990s and without whom we would likely not have been able to do what we do.  We are extremely grateful to them for the knowledgeable resources they provide.  If anyone finds any problem with us linking to their resources, please let us know and we will remove those references.  We try and give credit to any information we give that isn’t our own.