TNR Community Status Update August 2019

IMPORTANT TNR UPDATE: Please continue to TNR using Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic located in Tucson.  This clinic IS still accepting TNR/community cats.  Their information can be found on our main page here. HSSA may no longer be accepting TNR cats but Santa Cruz definitely is. TNR services will still be free of charge at Santa Cruz for community cats. If you are turned away from either clinic, please email us at or text message us at 520-256-0443 to let us know what happened, what day it was, and to whom you spoke.

As always PLEASE BE MINDFUL of HEAT ADVISORIES as TNR should NOT occur on these days. Remember, cats are having a reproductive organ removed and will be healing for the next two weeks following surgery which is difficult when temperatures are above 104.

More information about current TNR services can be found on our main page here.