Santa Cruz Vet Clinic Upcoming BLACKOUT Dates

Upcoming Santa Cruz Vet Clinic BLACKOUT DATES

NO TNR (SO DO NOT TRAP) or Community Cat Medical Care will be available on the following dates:

NOV 19th

NOV 25th

DEC 24th

DEC 31st

If you have an URGENT medical need or EMERGENCY need for a community cat (feral, stray, etc.) during these times (or weekends) take them to Pima Pet Clinic at 4832 E Speedway Blvd, but call first at 520-327-5624 to let them know you’re coming and for what reason, they should at least stabilize the cat and turn them over to PACC for further veterinary care.  *If you are willing to foster the cat for recovery be firm but polite  in asking that they document this and include your contact info so that PACC will contact you for fostering. This will be least stressful for the cat if you are the cat’s caretaker and improve the cat’s chances of being treated ( assuming the cat is not euthanized at either place).  You will not be told what happens to the cat unfortunately (unless they call you to foster) but we may be able to help find out if the cat made it to PACC if you contact us:

***PLEASE NOTE: Santa Cruz may have other blackout dates they post at the last minute so check their Facebook page if possible.