Max Needs Help, Soon

Max has such severe stomatitis that he requires daily steroid injections to keep inflammation down enough so that he continues to eat. We NEED to get his 2nd surgery scheduled so that his remaining teeth can be taken out, he can start to heal and eat on his own without so much medical management. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT try this!!!. Even with extensive experience with feral cats this can be dangerous. Administering an injection from in front of a frightened cat is not ideal but since he is in the kennel, in this position, I had no choice, but I know THIS cat and what his reactions will be. His nails were trimmed last time he was sedated and he’s hitting me, not trying to claw me, telling me clearly that he does not want to be touched. Unfortunately, for feral cats that need medical attention, getting handled by people when they are sick is necessary so we have to balance interventions with stress management. This cat is not in a shelter so already we have increased his chance of survival by providing a foster based, quiet environment for him to get treatment in and then recover.

We’re just under $200 short of the estimate for his 2nd stomatitis surgery. Won’t you please consider a small donation so we can schedule surgery and get this guy on the road to recovery? Paypal here (if you don’t use this link, paypal takes out money because they think we are selling you something) or msg us to send a check or use Zelle, Venmo. Every dollar counts💕💕💕

You can read more about stomatitis here:

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