Dumping/Abandoning Cats is ILLEGAL. Killing and/or Harming Cats is ILLEGAL

Since we keep getting contacted about the same criminal activities towards cats, we want to clarify that CATS ARE PROTECTED IN AZ.


The following however, ARE ILLEGAL:

‼️TRAPPING CATS and DUMPING them in another area. This is actually considered animal abandonment and is ILLEGAL (to do to ANY ANIMAL) in the state of Arizona. Even in cases where people don’t realize how horribly cruel this is, these cats are covered by Arizona Statute ARS 13-2910 A-1, which states that, “A person commits cruelty to animals if the person does any of the following: 1. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly subjects any animal under the person’s custody or control to cruel neglect or abandonment.”
Persons violating this Statute are guilty of animal cruelty.

‼️ KILLING CATS via ANY MEANS. If you trap them under a trailer where they do not have access to food and water and they starve to death, THAT is ILLEGAL. If you trap them in a trap and leave them out to die from expsoure to the elements, THAT IS ILLEGAL. If you trap them and use them as bait for a dog fight, THAT IS ILLEGAL. This also includes shooting them, drowning them, intentionally driving over them, etc.

‼️ INTENTIONALLY HARMING CATS via ANY MEANS. This includes, shooting them with anything including an arrow, an air powered pellet gun, a regular gun, etc. Setting them on fire, poisoning them, pouring caustic chemicals on them, etc. etc.

It does NOT matter if the cats are feral or not. They are domestic animals and are protected under our state law which you can read here:

If you suspect that someone is doing something to harm or kill cats, you NEED to call the following places to report these people. People do bad things to animals because they think you are too scared to do anything. DO SOMETHING. REPORT IT, to ALL of these places!! Make sure you have the law ready to cite because, unfortunately some of the law enforecement officers and dispatchers are ignorant about the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. The law is Arizona Statute ARS 13-2910

Animal Cruelty Taskforce: 520-547-0620
Pima Animal Care Center: 520-724-5900
Pima County Sheriff: 520-351-4900
Tucson Police Dept: 520-791-4444

If someone won’t take your report at one of these agencies, ask for a supervisor and keep asking for supervisors until you get one that listens.